Colour Psychology in Covers
By Preflight Books

The first thing someone sees when they have a look at your book is the cover. This is the very first chance you have, to make a good impression, which is why it is very important to do it right. Colour psychology in covers, is an effective marketing tool that will help you grab your audience’s attention as soon as they see your book.

What is Colour Psychology?

Each colour has a different psychological effect on you. It can make you feel more drawn towards a product, or it can do the exact opposite. This means that even the colour you choose for your book will impacts your audience’s decision. The colour of your cover can be used to convey the genre of your book. When it is used correctly, the colour of your cover will become an extremely effective marketing tool.

What colour goes with your genre?

Creating Your Champion Team Cover


If you’ve written a non-fiction, you should consider using blue, yellow, orange, and maybe even red.

These colours are perfect for books that want to provoke studious emotions of the reader. You also shouldn’t stray away from using white space in your cover design. It has been proven to make the audience focus on the main element of the book such as the author, graphic or title, which is important in non-fiction.

Science fiction

When you want to have the audience feel unsettled and tense, your sci-fi book should have a cover with some cool blues, purples, or metallic greys. Sometimes, making use of black, greens or even reds, can bring about the themes of space or science to your books cover.

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If your book falls under the historical, erotic, contemporary, or paranormal romance category, you can consider using pink, purple, white, red, or blue for your cover. These colours often invoke feelings of passion or romance, which means they’re perfect for this genre’s cover!


If you have written a fantasy book, you could use a combination of green, purple, and yellow. These colours are great to draw the audience’s attention and to represent the mystical worlds and its creatures.


When you are working on a crime, action, mystery, or psychological thriller, using red, black, or blue is a great idea! These colours convey the idea of aggression, fear, and power. When red and black is combined, it communicates the idea of violence and mystery.

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Your true colours

Colour psychology is a very subtle tool you can use to have a massive impact on your audience. This may seem a bit confusing, but luckily, we can help you figure out the perfect cover for your book! To get a quote for cover design on your book, click here.

If you want to know more about colour psychology and how to use it for your cover, you can have a look at these pages:

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