Ghostwriting 101: Why you should use a ghostwriter
By Preflight Books

A ghostwriter is simply a writer for hire who is paid to create content but receives none of the credit for the work produced. One of the main benefits of a ghostwriter is that you get quality content when you do not have the time or expertise to do it yourself. It is beneficial to know exactly how they can assist you in the publishing process.

A ghostwriter’s services can range from writing your book to creating blog posts, website copy, or any other professional content.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

You save time

A lot of busy people have a story they want to tell but not enough time to sit down and write it. The process of writing quality content can be draining. It often takes people months, or even years to complete a book. A ghostwriter can cut down the overall time spent on writing, research, or editing.

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Ensure Quality

When hiring a ghostwriter, you hire them for their knowledge and experience. They can step in and guarantee that your content will be high quality and professionally written.

The Exact Expertise

In some cases, ghostwriters have a larger knowledge base on the subject or audience you are writing to. This ensures that comprehensive research gets conducted and used for your content. For example, if you have been wanting to create your own cookbook, a ghostwriter can assist or do all the research for you.

Vetted Writers

If you decide to hire a freelance ghostwriter on your own, you will have to spend your own time. If you do not know exactly what to look for, you are just rolling the dice and may end up overpaying an inexperienced writer. On the other hand, professional companies like Preflight Books have a roster of writers who have already been vetted. These writers have submitted resumes, writing samples and references. We can help introduce you to the ghost writer of your dreams!

Having your book written by a ghostwriter is an easy way to delight in the status that comes with being a published author. But just in case you need another reason why you should use a ghostwriter, then check out these famously ghostwritten books.

Preflight Books provides services like editing and proofreading, layout/typesetting, illustration, printing, and professional advice. These services ensure that you get the highest quality content in a fraction of the time. Whether you’re publishing a book, creating a blog post, or in need of professional help, Preflight Books can help.

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