How do you Market Your Book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?
By Preflight Books
KDP Marketing

Kindle Direct Publishing is an e-book self-publishing service that is hosted by It is an easy and fast way to launch your e-book, and there are many great options to market your book on Amazon. KDP puts the author in control of their own book, budget, and more.

When launching a new book, marketing is the most important strategy for gaining new readers. KDP offers a wide range of marketing options with easy accessibility.

Marketing options

There are many options to market your book on Amazon. It is up to you to decide which option suits your book and your budget.

KDP Select

KDP Select is an enrolment option that offers a part in the KDP Select Worldwide fund. With this option, you are agreeing to keep your book exclusively on Amazon. KDP Select pays you based on the amount of pages Kindle Unlimited customers read, and you get access to Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions.

Marketing: KDP Select

Amazon Ads

This marketing option allows you to advertise your e-book on an Amazon marketplace of your choosing. This helps you to reach new readers. You set a budget and only pay for the ad when a shopper clicks on it. Your ad will appear 72 hours after submission.

Marketing: Amazon Ads

Click here for more information on using Amazon Ads.

Author Central

Using this function offers the opportunity to create an Author Page where you can update readers with details on yourself and your books using text in any language and even photos or videos. Add a follow button so that readers can add you to their list of favourite readers and receive regular updates about changes that you make to your author page.

Marketing: Author Central

Click here for more information on Author Central.

A+ Content

Use A+ Content to add more details like images and comparison tables to your product detail page to help readers decide on your book. This is the page that customers will see when selecting your book from the Amazon marketplace.

Marketing: A+ Content

Find examples of A+ Content here.

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