How to look at a printed proof
By Preflight Books
How to look at a printed proof

Proofreading is a very important step in the publishing process. This is your final chance to ensure that your book is in tiptop shape. Scanning through your book might cause a few errors to slip through…though fear not for we are here to help!

Why can’t we proofread it electronically?

Proofing a printed copy is usually done after you have already done it electronically. The purpose of proofreading your printed copy is to ensure that there are no elements in the design that you don’t like.

With the printed proof; we can ensure that the size of the book is correct, that the margins are in the right places, and that there is no awkward discoloration that will leave the author unsatisfied with the book.

What should you look for on a printed proof?

  1. Look out for the fonts in your printed proof. They need to be the right size so that everything is nice and legible. You also need to make sure that the same font is used throughout the book, otherwise there is no consistency.
  2. Have a look at the colours of the printed proof, the colours on your screen will most likely be different from the printed colours.
  3. Check that there aren’t any glitches on your proof. If there are any scratches, spots, or leaks, it might just show up in your final copies.
  4. Make sure that the pages and the sentences on the pages line up with one another. If something is a bit skew, it’s better to raise the alarm than to have something cut off in your final copies.

    Now do you see why looking at your printed proof thoroughly is important? You can avoid some pretty big mistakes just by knowing how to check your proof.

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