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Professional advice

We will be there to help and advise you at every step of the process.

Editing/ proofreading

We offer a range of editing, copywriting and proofreading services.

Layout/ typesetting

We design the text and images inside your document.


We create illustrations, from line drawings to complex diagrams and flowcharts.


We advise on and manage the printing of your project.

 About Us

BK Publishing is a vibrant publishing house in the heart of Pretoria. With over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry and a collection of wonderful, original publications to our name, we offer self-publishing services under the imprint Preflight Books.

Preflight Books is perfectly positioned to provide established publishers, aspiring authors, self-publishers and corporate clients the services they need to bring their manuscripts to life. We offer editorial services such as editing, proofreading and writing, design services such as layout and illustration, printing and marketing services, workshops and much, much more.


We see a series of modules which come together to create a microsystem which keeps our customers connected to us and our services throughout their writing careers. Through world-class publishing production we will be a one-stop place for not only our publishing clients but for other authors and publishers who in turn will use our excellent production services in the future.


To develop a valuable and effective family of services and platforms which will allow authors, publishers and businesses to reach a global audience. To turn Preflight Books into a life-changing – wealth generating world-class business.

Our Work

We have helped publish hundreds of books in various genres, from poetry to self-help books and children’s literature in between. Our clients are as diverse as the country we live in and every author and their manuscript are unique. We at Preflight Books approach each new project with this in mind.

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Who is Mandla Moses Nsibande?

Who is Mandla Moses Nsibande?

Mandla Moses Nsibande is a veteran isiZulu teacher. He has been in the classroom for many years, even after retiring. In addition to isiZulu, Mandla teaches other African languages. He was inspired to write isiZulu Esenziwelula by other teachers, especially English...

How to create a print-ready book cover

How to create a print-ready book cover

The elements of a book cover A book cover is more than just the front page of the outside of a book. When we talk about a book cover, we mean the back cover, the spine and the front cover connected as a spread. A print-ready book cover also needs to be a PDF with at...

What are open files and why do we need them?

What are open files and why do we need them?

Open files, or working files, are all the files needed to create the book, image, video, or other type of artistic work. For example, with our design software Adobe InDesign we would package our projects at the end. This would give us a file that contains the font...

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