What is a Full Manuscript Assessment?
By Preflight Books

Are you an author with a manuscript just itching to be published? Are you unsure whether your manuscript is good enough to publish? The first step towards a publish-ready book is for your manuscript to undergo a full manuscript assessment.

A full manuscript assessment is a professional evaluation of all aspects of your manuscript. This service is available to authors who wish to assess the quality of their content and review it accordingly.

Preflight Books will complete this assessment for you to assess how ready your manuscript is to be published and how it will be received by your intended audience. An experienced editor will read your manuscript and compile a report, which will consist of the following information:

  • Tips, comments and suggestions.
  • Recommendations for focus-areas and areas to avoid.
  • Language, grammar and plot.
  • Structure, style and consistency.
  • A ten-page sample edit. We will edit the first chapter or first ten pages, in which you will be able to gauge the depth of language editing necessary for your manuscript to be publish-ready.
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What will we assess?

Preflight Books will record and assess the following aspects of your manuscript:

  • Plot and characterisations. We will record and assess possible problems and recommendations for improvement within each chapter. In respect of characterisations, we will assess character enrichment and ways to add more depth to them.
  • Structure and style. Preflight Books will assess the logical structure of the manuscript and suggest improvements.
  • Language. We will note regular language errors and provide corrections. Additionally, we will assess the level of language of the manuscript and suggest a particular editing style to improve the work.
  • Hate speech or liable. Should there be evidence of hate speech or liable in the manuscript, we will briefly explain how this can be improved or eliminated.
  • Consistency. Our assessment will address the flow and consistency of the book.
  • Strengths. We can also provide marketing assistance by utilizing the strengths of the manuscript to appeal to the intended target audience.
  • Weaknesses. Any notable weaknesses of the manuscript will be addressed and communicated honestly with the author.
  • Other concerns. We will inform the author of any other possible concerns that we noted during this assessment.
  • Suggestions and strategy. Constructive criticism will be provided, such as: specific needs of the manuscript, the type of editing required and any recommendations the editor deems necessary.
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My assessment is complete, now what?

Using this assessment in line with the above criteria for assessment, we will provide you with constructive criticism for your manuscript, as well as recommendations for improvement. The cost of a manuscript assessment depends on the length of your book. You may also arrange for a meeting with the editor for a consultation after the completion of the assessment.

As a Preflight Books author, we will be there with you throughout the process to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your manuscript and how to improve it. Email us at info@preflight.co.za, call us on +27 12 342 5347, or send us a message on our website!

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