3 Different Types of Editing Explained
By Nikita Abreu
3 different types of editing

Now that you know the difference between editing and proofreading, let’s take a closer look at editing!

The terms used in editing can be confusing to any new author. We’re here to help you understand them!

You have just completed your book, what happens now? Your book will go through a manuscript assessment, which determines what type of editing your book requires. The editing process can begin once this has been completed.

3 Different Types of Editing:

Copyediting/line editing:

These interchangeable terms refer to an editor reviewing your work. This will look at fixing any mechanical errors like spelling, grammar and punctuation. Line editing is a line-for-line analysis, focusing on word choice and the meaning of the sentence. This is also your least expensive editing type.

Substantive/structural editing:

This kind of editing deals with a document that is either incomplete or incorrect, in terms of content and where there are content gaps, structural problems or inaccuracies. This looks at the presentation to tighten and clarify a chapter, scene, paragraph, and sentence level. Substantive editing deals with the prose of your book.

Developmental editing:

Looks deeply at the strength of the book. Your editor will look at everything from characters, plot, point of view, tense, and dialogue. This is where editors can question the author on their choices and look closely at order, flow and consistency. Developmental editing considers all the aspects of a manuscript that make the book readable and enjoyable. This is also your most expensive type of editing because of the extensive nature of this form of editing. However, it is worth the investment if you are serious about succeeding as an author.

4 Different types of editing

Our free manuscript assessment will tell you exactly what type of editing is required for your book! For assistance and further information on our editing and proofreading services, please contact info@preflightbooks.co.za or request a quote here.


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