Our Work

We have helped publish hundreds of books in various genres, from poetry to self-help books and children’s literature in between. Our clients are as diverse as the country we live in and every author and their manuscript are unique. We at Preflight Books approach each new project with this in mind.

In the self-publishing category we have published fiction such as:


  • novels,
  • memoirs,
  • poetry and
  • children’s literature.

In the non-fiction category we have published:


  • field guides,
  • self-help books,
  • religious texts and
  • academic texts.

Under Corporate publishing we have:


  • edited documents such as internal and external newsletters and policy documents, and
  • published manuscripts about money matters, business development and much more.

In our Educational publishing branch we have published:

  • text books,
  • educational support material,
  • information booklets and
  • school diaries.



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