Your Publishing

Phase 1

Manuscript Preparation

We kickstart your journey by converting your MS Word document into a manuscript suitable for layout. This includes optional manuscript preparation services like editing, copywriting, illustration and other graphic services.

EDITING: Your Preflight Books editor performs the necessary editing services to ensure that errors are corrected and your manuscript is ready for the world to read.

COPYWRITING: Your editor performs your preselected copywriting services and your project manager supervises other services you require such as indexing, referencing and translation.

ILLUSTRATION AND OTHER GRAPHIC SERVICES: Your project manager ensures that all illustrations and other graphic elements are completed. Extra graphic services can be performed as requested.

Your Publishing Journey

Phase 2


Next, we give your manuscript a makeover to make it look attractive and to ensure that it is transformed into a publication that meets international standards.

BOOK LAYOUT: A designer lays out your book according to your preselected Preflight Books style with various exciting options to choose from.

COVER DESIGN: Your designer creates a cover design which executes your own personal vision for your book. This includes the front cover, back cover, spine and blurb of the book.


Your Publishing Journey

Phase 3


It is important to ensure that your book is flawless and free of any errors. Your book gets prepared for print with two essential services: proofreading and checking the proof.

CHECKING THE PROOF: You and your project manager check the book’s structure, design and content and eliminate any errors.

PROOFREADING: Your manuscript undergoes a proofread by a professional proofreader who reads the book and fixes any grammatical or consistency errors as well as ensuring all aspects of the book are presentable and coherent.



Your Publishing Journey

Phase 4

E-book Design

Here we dive into the technical side of your self-publishing journey. Your book is converted into an electronic book (e-book) compatible with major platforms such as Kindle, Kobo and Takealot.

E-BOOK CREATION: An electronic version of your book is created that is downloadable over the internet and can be read on a computer or any other supported digital device.

E-BOOK FORMATTING: Your project manager will convert your e-book into your desired format based on how you want it to be accessed or sold.

Your Publishing Journey

Phase 5

Printing and delivery

As we approach the end of your long-awaited journey, we will ensure that your book is professionally printed and delivered.

PRINTING PROCESS: Your book is sent to the printers and printed according to your needs. A printing job consists of setup, printing, finishing, binding and curing. The process can take between 10 working days and a month.

DELIVERY: Your printed books are delivered to the Preflight Books office or any other specified delivery address. This usually takes 30 days from the day you signed the printer’s proof.


Your Publishing Journey

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