Crafting your own turf

In life, mediocrity is an achievement that most people are capable of easily attaining. There are few who make the decision to move notches higher into the realm of high achievement and excellence. This is a deliberate effort to step out from the “Mediocrity Club”. At that point, you begin a journey of carving a niche in your chosen area of endeavour, thereby crafting your own turf. This book will not make you sit back and watch others making strides in the direction of progress. It will move you into execution mode. No longer shall you be content with giving excuses for lack of success. You will be propelled into perpetual productivity. 

Great principles covered in this book include believing in yourself, setting and achieving goals, as well as finding your true passion.  
I totally recommend this book because it works on you – the individual.  
It is by two great men of our generation for whom I have respect without reservation. Brian and Stephen have cooked a meal we all must enjoy. Read it, assimilate every principle you find and act on what you read. Implementation will distinguish you from those who have chosen to remain wishful thinkers. 

Rabison Shumba 
Author, Motivational Speaker and Success Coach  
Harare, Zimbabwe

Brian and Stephen have assembled a comprehensive collection of their best work. Crafting Your Own Turf is loaded with timeless wisdom and specific steps for achieving success. Read and diligently apply the knowledge you glean from every page.

Jeff Gunther 
Real estate leader & inspirational speaker  
Edmonton, Canada.