IsiZulu Esenziwelula Workbook

There is no way you will fail if you do the exercises in this booklet! It is easy to use in class and will keep you busy. The questions are strategically constructed to teach students the isiZulu language and its principles. This book is in line with CAPS, regarding its language policies.

About the Author

Mandla Moses Nsibande is a veteran isiZulu teacher. He has been in the classroom for many years, even after retiring. In addition to isiZulu, Mandla teaches other African languages. He was inspired to write isiZulu Esenziwelula by other teachers, especially English and Afrikaans teachers. Learners of these languages find it easy to read and review the activities they have learned. This is partly because they have ample written resources. Mandla’s book will aid isiZulu learners inside and outside the classroom.

Above all, Mandla believes that everyone who teaches isiZulu should be an enthusiastic and passionate person