Monstrously at the Mercy

Good poetry is not escapism. It is for the upliftment of the spirit – in whatever form it is presented. To know and understand this allows one to explore the outer limits of poetry as an art form. 

The magic of weaving words that bring to life ideas that reveal the untapped vistas of Man’s capability as well as his latent insecurities and impediments is a rare gift indeed. 

Rian, who is a student and teacher of Philosophy, transports us seamlessly through the turmoil of the mind and its bondage to the silent space of spirit where reality trumps illusion. This is depicted masterfully in his If every element creation holds: remember the moment he cautions us, as it moves unchallenged along, enlivening all limits, untethered and untainted. 

The poetry speaks quietly to the intellect, the wellspring of reason in Man. He shows us in The heart paints every love there is to know, how we are shaped by the shadows and forms of the past and the present. The vast and never-ending play of creation is another theme of Rian’s work, and it is nobly encapsulated in his sonnet It is a tale of folk and creature same

A black heart and decayed soul kneel to pray is laced with subtle nuances and powerful imagery with an almost confrontational undertone. These poems probe our consciousness and rattle our blurred mediocrity – he is certainly worth the read! 

William Wooldridge 

Head Tutor, Pretoria 

School of Practical Philosophy