The Contribution of Kronberg Academy: on talent development of string players

Kronberg Academy is a specialised music institution in Germany that is renowned for its development of string players. It has produced a significant number of cellists, viola and violin soloists who have made a noteworthy impact on concert stages internationally.  

A research process was initiated to capture the way in which Kronberg Academy has developed its reputation as a centre of excellence in the education of string players. The research was based on the researcher’s personal experience and contact with Kronberg Academy from 2002 onwards. Frequent visits, attendance of masterclasses, concerts and string competitions captured the researcher’s imagination and led to the realisation that Kronberg Academy has a unique approach.  

The research focused on the identification and ranking of critical success factors contributing most significantly to the training of string players. The empirical study was based on the experiences of students and alumni of Kronberg Academy in Kronberg, Germany. A questionnaire, based on a literature study, identified a broad category of factors that could contribute to the successful training of string players. 

The research was facilitated by the adoption of a structured approach to ensure that the outcome would provide information that could make a significant contribution towards string training in the future.