Imagine a world free from a poorly-groomed population of men. Imagine a world where the traumatic events of women and child abuse existed only in myths. Imagine a world where crime and violence became banished from our social norms. Imagine a world where rape never existed in our society. Imagine a world where all men played their role as true gentlemen in society. This is the time for the gentlemen’s revolution, we need to start creating more gentlemen of our men.

The Groomer seeks to teach young men – and old dogs who are willing to learn new tricks – that they don’t have to sink into the potholes of society; they have it within themselves to rise above their circumstances and become gentlemen in manner and deed.

Many youngsters grow up in environments that don’t give them the grooming that they need to become true gentlemen in society. If young men can be taught how to overcome their circumstances by loving themselves, taking pride in their manners and behaviour, and treating people honestly and kindly, our communities would look very different.

This book is the first step in grooming a generation to become men worthy of respect. Be a part of the gentlemen’s revolution with The Groomer because the world needs you – Everything you need is already within you.