The Narrow Bridge Without Barriers by Wisani W Babane

The handbook, The Narrow Bridge without Barriers, deals with the challenges that confront the youth or trainee in their quest to turn the professional, artisanal or vocational phase in their lives. The handbook deals with issues of drug and alcohol abuse, crime, peer pressure, career choice and related matters, and provides diverse accounts of possible pitfalls, dangers, risks and impediments youths may face as
they journey through their lives. The book suggests clear guidelines that motivate the reader into becoming a model child, the pride of parents and the community.
Strong character and discipline are emphasized as the bedrock upon which to found one’s future. One needs to have a clear road map if they are to embark on a journey
to a new destination. He or she that embarks on a journey without knowing what lies ahead usually never reaches their intended destination. As such, the handbook provides the armour any youth, trainee or apprentice would need for a smooth graduation into adulthood, professional life, accomplishment or success. Today’s efforts knead the fl our for tomorrow’s bread. A good character creates fertile ground
for intellectual, academic, vocational and social growth, which in turn lead to a rewarding career. A must read for the youth, especially in urban and peri-urban environments. Enjoy your reading.

About Author

Wisani W Babane was born in Xikundu village in Malamulele, Limpopo province, South Africa. He attended Xikundu High School, completing matric in 2002. He later went to Centurion College in Gauteng province before joining the South African Police Service as an aircraft maintenance engineer. His experiences within the SAPS has contributed significantly to his writing to date.