The Taxi Philosopher

The Taxi Philosopher is a raw and reflective memoir of a young psychologist’s experiences gained from travelling in minibus taxis, practising in community clinics and reading provocative material. It is a book about the limitless and timeless human spirit in the South African context. Themes regarding God, human behaviour and psychological theory are explored in unique journal entries. Precious and painful moments that develop and destroy the human soul are unveiled. It is a book about contradictions and strange connections that heal. It will provoke, challenge, lead and, most importantly, heal many hearts and minds.

About the author 

Thabang Tlaka holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pretoria. He is a poet, playwright and special events speaker. Together with his wife, Dr Zanele Tlaka, they have foundered the creative hub Crazy Poetic Ministries. He was a Brightest Young Mind Delegate in 2009 and a Mandela Rhodes Scholar in 2008.