The 2023 Authors & Books of Preflight
By Preflight Books

Meet the 2023 authors and books of Preflight Books!

Preflight Books strives to help an author turn their dreams into reality. We will help you as an author to turn your manuscript into a published book. Preflight Books has built an infrastructure over the years for self-published authors to sell their books to the public. We have had a wide variety of books that we have helped authors publish this year.

Do you ever wish to be the hero in a story? Well, “Three Stone Stories” by Sloan Rodney lets you choose your own character and their actions. The role-playing aspect allows the reader to be the storyteller of the book. Choose your destiny wisely as you might get trapped in the Abyss of Despair.

There is nothing more Afrikaans than hearing a Robbie Wessels song at a braai with friends and family. Now, you can learn how to play his songs on your guitar alongside each note of the song. You will be playing the song ‘Leeuloop’ in no time with the help of “Robbie Wessels se liedjies met kitaar drukke”.

If you thought your math exams were hard and need an exciting reading experience, read this comic book. Lukai and Chad leave their village behind to write an exam at Demon Hero Academy. Will they pass the exam and become a hero like the ones before them? “Demon Force” by Shaylee van Oostrom (15) takes you on an adventure to Demon Hero Academy where only the toughest heroes survive.

Dealing with loss and heartache can be tough sometimes and it is never good to be alone during these times. Luckily, you don’t need to be alone with Mpho Santho’s “Cry with me for a minute, please”. A short poetic story that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know we have all thought about the idea of being stuck somewhere and wondered if you have enough survival skills to stay alive. The book by Ria van Vuuren will definitely broaden your knowledge as “Edible Wild Fruits of Southern Africa” shows you what fruits to eat in the wild without being poisoned. With the colourful illustrations and geographic locations, you would have no trouble surviving in the wilderness from eating fruits after reading this book.

Friendship is an integral part of human existence. The book “Friendship” by Princess Felicia Momubaghan gives a wide range of definitions on friendship and the qualities of a true friend. It is an inspirational book that sheds light on good friendship and exposes characteristics of bad friendships. This book also features a biblical perspective on friendship.

“Mr. Fuzzy and his Fuzzy Bird” by Eileen Connell is a tale of Mr. Fuzzy being bored and encouraging his Fuzzy bird to play a game with him. A game would surely not be boring. “Mr. Fuzzy and his Fuzzy Bird” is a fun reading experience for any kid.

“A House and Its Story” by S.A Myers shows the history and hard work that was put into the small town near Cape Town known as Simon’s Town. The romantic town is known for its rich history, gorgeous beaches, and its colony of African penguins. This book takes a trip down memory lane to when Simon’s Town was first built.

Tony Faulkner relives his past in his book “Once We Were Soldiers” as he tells the stories of joining the Rhodesian army as national serviceman whilst being a 18-year-old boy. He was placed in the front lines during the Bush War fighting for his country. This short tale represents Tony and the strong men that fought beside him during the Bush War.

BK Publishing worked alongside PEP Academy to create their yearly “Family Fun Activity Book”. Children can enjoy different activities from writing your own pop song to drawing an endangered species like a hyaena. This activity book includes 4 great stories, fun activities for the children and pictures to colour in.

“Uhambo Lomkristu” by Ngu Ngema is written in isiZulu with a beautifully designed cover and talks about Christianity. Everything written in this book, “Uhmabo Lomkristu”, is taken from the preaching and teaching of Dr N.D Ngema who is a pastor of the church of Jesus Christ. 

Tawana Manyama shared his strong beliefs about the history of the Azanian African man and woman and how they have lived under uncompromising circumstances. He goes into deeper thoughts about patriarchy, pigment ideology, and the Azanian African family. “As I See It” is surely a thought-inducing book and leaves the reader much to think about.

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