The Benefits of E-books
By Preflight Books
The Benefits of E-Books

The last few months of self-isolation have made the benefits of e-books fairly obvious. From accessibility to the low impact on the environment, let’s look at a few of these benefits.

E-books have many benefits.

E-books are instant

The first of many advantages of e-books is how quickly we can go from wanting them to having them. Readers can access thousands of e-books without having to leave the comfort of their own homes, which couldn’t be more useful in times like these.

E-books are green

A huge benefit of e-books is their low impact on the environment. Without printing or transportation costs, they are considerably greener than print books.

E-books are Eskom-proof

They can be read in the dark on PCs, tablets, e-Readers and cell phones during power cuts. They can also be read in bed with the lights off while your partner snores like a freight train beside you.

E-books are for everyone

And yes, we do mean everyone. From your visually impaired grandma, to your friend in Australia, to your physically disabled neighbour, e-books have the power to break all barriers. Websites like Amazon and Kobo have made e-books accessible worldwide.

With all the benefits of e-books, publishing a digital version of your book should be a no-brainer.

Preflight Books is a digital and print publishing service that assists you with every aspect of self-publishing your book. Preflight Books gives authors the opportunity to see their creations in the ideal form and format. Whether you want a printed book, an e-book, or both, Preflight Books can assist!

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