What are open files and why do we need them?
By Jessica Colley
Open files

Open files, or working files, are all the files needed to create the book, image, video, or other type of artistic work. For example, with our design software Adobe InDesign we would package our projects at the end. This would give us a file that contains the font files, image files, the PDF version and the .indd file.

Example of file
Example of file

If we had to receive, say, just the .indd file, we would come across errors such as missing fonts and missing links . These errors would result in the design of your book changing automatically.

Missing fonts
Missing links/images

For Adobe Photoshop files, we would need the .jpeg file as well as the .psd file. We use the .psd file to edit the image you created.

Without these open files, we cannot access your book/image without the original design changing. This would come up mostly when looking at cover and layout designs. When you do not request cover design or layout services from Preflight Books, and you have already created a design using InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, we need the open files to prepare the print-ready files for you, as the printers require crop and bleed marks to be included in the file.


Once we have received your open files, we are able to make any changes, edits and do the prepping you require. With this new-found knowledge, you will be able to hand over the necessary files from the get-go, making the whole process faster and smoother. To get a quote click here or email Preflight books at info@preflightbooks.co.za. We will help with all your book publishing needs!

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