Spotlight on women writers: Part 2
By Preflight Books
Spotlight on Women | Part 2: Minah Sindane-Bloem

Author Profile: Minah Sindane-Bloem 

In this part of our Women’s Month series, we profile Minah Sindane-Bloem, certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Author and Communication Strategist. 

Minah Sindane-Bloem is the veteran author of Black man get off the white man’s back (2010) and Black man you are bigger than the problem (2011); and co-author of Defence Technology Made Easy (2015). 

Minah’s story  

I grew up in a township west of Pretoria called Atteridgeville. I did most of my schooling there. I trained as a registered nurse there and moved on to Port Elizabeth Livingstone Hospital for Midwifery. I dedicated 10 years of my life to this noble profession and left to join the corporate sector after obtaining a degree in Communication through Unisa.  

Minah’s passion  

After 14 years in corporate I decided to work on my own and help people in a different way from when I was a nurse. This time I opted for coaching where I help people develop themselves. My passion is to empower Africans to identify and change self-sabotaging behaviour. My vision is to coach people in such a way that they realise their potential and how they interfere with it. My purpose is PEACE.  

All that I am, was carved by my grandfather Piet Nkhwashu, whom I call my friend, my mentor, and my coach. My teacher in church, Mr Thula Nkosi, developed in me the love for reading. Later in life I discovered that I could write. I have self-published three books – Black man get off the white man’s back in 2010, Black man you are bigger than the problem in 2011 and co-wrote Defence Technology Made Easy in 2015.  

Women who inspire me 

My grandmother inspired me with her humility, my mother with her subtle streetwise ways, my siblings (younger sisters) with their respect and my former nursing tutor with her wisdom. I stand in awe as I admire the resilience of the late Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela. 

My message for women  

Find your purpose, craft a Vision to live that Purpose and be Passionate about living your Purpose. You will truly enjoy your life when those three things are in place. 

Minah can be found at She can be reached by email at 

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