Spotlight on women writers: Part 3
By Preflight Books
Spotlight on Women | Part 3: Refiloe Mokoena

Author Profile: Refiloe Mokoena  

In the second part of our Spotlight on Women Writers series for the month of August, activist Refiloe Mokoena shares her story and advice to women. 

Refiloe Mokoena is the author of The Story of My Life. She wrote the book with the intention of encouraging and motivating readers by sharing her life’s challenging experiences. 

Refiloe’s story 

I’m an activist for all types of abuse. I have shared my story of the sexual assault that happened to me when I was 9 years old, the mental abuse that I used to experience in my past relationship and the depression and anxiety disorders that I suffered from.  

We live in a world where women are abused sexually, physically and mentally, and my advice to women is to stand up for their rights and say no to any form of abuse. Talk to your kids and teach them self-protection against the perpetrators. Nobody deserves to be abused – if you are experiencing abuse in your relationship and marriage, please report it or seek professional help. Your wellbeing comes first. 

Refiloe’s inspiration 

Women are important beings in the world; they are influential. Without women, the world is incomplete. They have the strength to carry unborn kids in their wombs for 9 months and handle the pain of labour. They have the strength to raise the kids – some are single parents, and they endure the challenges of raising kids in the absence of fathers. Women can multitask; they take care of their kids while also focusing on their careers, businesses and talents.  

Refiloe’s message 

Beautiful women – love yourselves, shine amongst those who never believed that you could. A strong woman builds her own world. She is courageous and strong. She will not fall because God is with her. 

Be confident enough to love yourselves the way God has created you. Embrace your imperfections and never compare yourselves with other people. You are unique, follow your passions and use your talents and gifts to make your dreams a reality. 

Refiloe can be reached by email at or; by cell at 0712478147; and through WhatsApp on 0814364879. 

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